Able to condense N generations views, and even around the consumer behavior of word-of-mouth marketing like a double-edged sword, exactly what things are retractable banner promotion cannot be done in the operating word-of-mouth marketing?

As the minutes ticked fade away and put the finger on the Enter key is the knock did not go on!

A network marketing staff has been dormant in the well-known 3C forum has been a long time, but this eloquent write a few hundred words, has a beautiful picture commentary article, he still hesitates sent out. Even if his efforts have been packaged Unlike advertising, he still did not have the courage to face a group of savvy users Legion.

Finally, he finally found the courage to post on the forum. I did not expect, and it only took a few minutes, this article was revealed enterprises disguised as friends issued, followed by such an avalanche of criticism, immediately covered with the forum home – this is the characteristics of the N generations of users, they do not welcome any remarks appear in the community was too commercial, violent text lambasting like in with those who do not know their brand, said: “If you do not know our fate is so!”

Based N generations in the purchase of goods, will listen to the views of their peers, word-of-mouth marketing, brand managers, marketing tools like retractable banner get more and more attention in recent years. Only grasp the vast network villagers, the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing can really play. Deputy General Manager of McCann Erickson Ji Zhiqian recommendations should first understand what these consumers, through frequent interaction and resonant spontaneous widely publicized; sometimes use too much product placement, because of the lack of practical interactive relationship, it will have a negative effect, causing resentment N generations.

“Water can carry a boat, can also overturn it!” Milan Digital Marketing CEO Jiang Zurong to describe the characteristics of word-of-mouth marketing is a love-hate relationship. He said that, to use the good reputation of the brand is a plus, in addition to increasing brand sound, there will be a marked increase in sales; However, if done incorrectly, users counterattack force is quite terrible, marketing people should avoid stepping on those mines. To this end, the “brains” specially interviewed 12 senior marketing, word-of-mouth marketing operation, absolutely can not afford to make taboo to share with us.

The taboo 1 false reputation

General manager of the network genes Shijun Yu said at the outset: “word-of-mouth operation absolutely can not tell a lie, because users are too smart.” He pointed out, do not think that the right hair articles on the Internet, group N generations of users will use formula variety of ways, to prove to the content. Guo Rui Jie, Qi Wo digital creative director stressed, honest reviews is very important, just because untrue or exaggerated comments to advertise their products and do, fear will cause a small negative evaluation.

Shijun Yu suggested addition to the Do not exaggerate product features, remember Never disguised as friends Posting, otherwise it will lead to a “good thing not to go out, the effect of bad news thousands of miles.” For example, before a customer because of a momentary lightly, disguised as user said sentence: “This product is great, the result of a morning in the discussion area caused a negative response of ten thousand. The most terrible is that many users are blindly follow the subject to be discussed, and even launched a “human flesh search”, tried everything, a list of all the account information will be issued a document, such as when the registration, issued a number of articles wrote what, all information is spread out in the sun, let the strict N generations to public criticism. In fact, the N generations gradually accepted brand in the speech community, as long as the message is not too commercialized, it will not cause offense. Therefore, instead of masquerading as friends, I would rather generous recognition of their identity. Like a well-known forum “Mobile 01″ “BenQ Superman”, even if the name of the name of the official spokesmen, but the openness of the publicity strategy, coupled with instant reply netizens product issues, this virtual characters instead be welcomed.

Taboo 2 Product force is ignored

Imagine this scene, word-of-mouth is more powerful than television advertising bloggers, so a group of N generations of consumers willing to pay to buy the goods they praised. Wait to buy the home after the discovery of the die difficult to use, so that the original image of good corporate immediately inundated a large number of negative word-of-mouth.

Heineken brand manager the Wujian Fu pointed out that the word-of-mouth marketing should not put the cart before the horse, their operating reputation in order to emphasize the power of product away, it is better to spend the effort to improved products. As long as the product is good, naturally some discussion, the real word-of-mouth makes sense. Suntory Planning Vice Minister Wu Huiping Zhang Zhihao, Managing Director of OgilvyOne identity, product strength is the most important part is the word of mouth marketing, sometimes even more than a means of propaganda also key.

Zhang Zhihao said that he had seen a netizen, continue to spread a new listing beverage delicious message on the forums, and after a period of time, there is only 80% of users have Internet reaction tastes very common, resulting in part praised the remarks no one will believe. “The word of mouth is a very subjective opinion, the only good product will let your fans group willing to talk to you.” Zhang Zhihao said. The Dharma media marketing director Xu Jingtai that fact, no product is perfect, but if the marketing people a deeper understanding of the benefits of the product, contribute to overall effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing, creative packaging.

The taboo 3 excessive commercials.
Word-of-mouth marketing value of N generations strongly believe that the remarks of peer or a network of opinion leaders, “grassroots” features must be very clear the job. Wu Huiping, the brand trip looking for big names in the past, or spokesperson traditional advertising modes of operation, in order to highlight the value of word-of-mouth. In particular, she mentioned that there are some public relations firm will spend large sums of money to control bloggers, asking them to help the product to talk about things, the ads imply strong, easy fueled resentment. Too commercialized requirements, and sometimes enraged bloggers, they come back to attack the brand. The San digital technology Creative Director Xu Zaiqian put forward his views, word-of-mouth marketing is a “communication design”, throw bait, it must be done through friends spontaneity communication reincarnation, enterprises can only provide Shanfengdianhuo or fire-fighting is not recommended to participate in official capacity or too standard response to users interact.

Usually set the pile foot inside in the community to be very careful, official spokesperson calm, flexible, rational people, remember not to put forward too official, or advertising saying, and must understand the group of N-type consumers psychological support team to quickly answer the problem of users. The Xu Zaiqian largest BBS community ─ ─ “PTT”, there are a lot of brands within the Beauty Edition, is too far because of word-of-mouth advertising of “villagers” accusation,.

Taboo overlook negative word-of-mouth

“If a guest is your god, guests will complain that your renewable parents” InsightXplorer COO Liu Yaocong sentence to describe the negative reputation of users. He mentioned that the brand should be the face of active users criticism to improve on these shortcomings, rather than a negative faire These remarks spread on the Internet. When you attach the N generations, they will give relatively sure. The LG LG marketing manager Wen, Mu Yao analysis, in the face of negative word-of-mouth processing, marketing people should do “stop, look, listen to the” three-step. Means the first to stop and think, and then observe this negative assessment will expand. If only a single case and there is no continuity to speak, you do not need to hurry to deal with a positive attitude at the same time listen to the speech of the netizens whether it was true, as the basis for improvement. Blindly disinfection, or writing messages to their advantage, only to lose the focus of the problem, but also not get the recognition of consumers.

The Jiang Zurong also pointed out that the brand in the marketing of goods, do not overlook the power of negative word-of-mouth. For example, he had a brand on the Internet to see an article to attack them defective, but when they do not complain. Unexpectedly, Hits alone, more than 100 million people within 24 hours, the rumor spread quickly, and sales of the product is also a short time 60% off. Although it has successfully confirmed by all rumor, but the brand image has also suffered serious damage.

The contraindication 5 overlooked the remarks of the internal staff

403 “public relations” brains “lead the charge” album, which mentioned that many did not do a good job of internal public relations and staff training, lead to negative information directly from the internal outflow example. Like Domino’s employees, the United States, will be sold to consumers cheese bar into the nose, and cast snot videos posted on YouTube, caused an uproar at the time, this kind of “internal negative message” injury, sometimes serious attack than other competitors.

In fact, detrimental to the image of the message spread by employees, occurs most frequently in the 3C industry, most widely affected area. The Galaxy interactive network general manager Li Guojie participate in 3C products developed, each of which is on the software and hardware experts, these employees palm of product defect, their remarks than most users also terrible . Zhang Zhihao, now the image of the brand management to be more careful, after all, you do not know when it will offend their employees. So, instead of looking for a bunch of writers to say good things, not as effective internal specification, allowing employees to be your best advocate for the brand on the Internet.

The taboos 6 attack other brand

Negative comments on the Internet, sometimes not come from friends, but competitors malicious attacks. For this operation to discredit opponents, Li Guojie do not agree, and he believes the results of the opponent’s attacks on the network, often playing with fire.

In his view, the word-of-mouth, the purpose is to create a good image of the brand, but if it is to hire bloggers to slander, before also did not get the desired results, it has been illegal first, the brand has always been able assets are eating on the lawsuit and destroyed. In particular, a lot of people in the criticism of the product, simply failed to provide evidence that the content published on the Internet, with the effectiveness of electronic instruments, as long as competitors are determined to sue, libel alone is enough to make the enterprise too much, can be said only no harm benefits. The Liu Yaocong to remind the marketing people, out of nothing malicious attacks, unethical practices, long term, detrimental to their brand image, is a “beating three-point internal injuries sevenths” the worst.