About Chunghwa Telecom, while waiting looked up play MOD television, what MOD is What? Emphasis on fashion taste indicators or new interactive TV system providing family entertainment? When consumers already have hundreds of selected sets, MOD and what kind of surprise?

MOD watching real-time events, digital TV will become the development direction.

Beijing Olympic broadcast Wars, Chunghwa Telecom MOD Nance scientific and technological progress has brought digital convergence, and voice communications, data transmission and video transmission is no longer entirely different business, carriers branched out into audio and video communication into a cable TV provider, and The cable system is capable of transmitting voice and data both telecom service functions. This makes the originally interfere with each other telecommunications and cable TV into the same industry, and to compete on the same stage; the keyword mentioned digital TV, high-definition IPTV … etc.

Do not miss the Chunghwa Telecom MOD: because of the 2008 Beijing Olympics a hit new media, subject to regulatory restrictions allow MOD volts for four years, “Beijing Olympic broadcast battle since 2004 Founding soon sting, to let suffer kidnapped by the cable system satellite Chunghwa Telecom MOD timely sound According to the report in a period of two weeks during the Olympic Games, Chunghwa Telecom MOD users increased by 50,000, compared to 10,000 new users a single month before the broadcast exponentially increase. MOD users therefore also from growth of 540,000 to nearly 600,000, and user operation rate increased to nearly 5 percent from 3 percent.

According to the Nielsen survey (200801-200906) data show that: the new media TV content recipient Chunghwa Telecom MOD only wireless digital show a gradual growth trend; higher growth rate of the MOD, the first half of this year, with the previous (the second half of 2008) and last year (the first half of 2008) compared to the high growth rate of 33.3%, 91.3% respectively.

Chunghwa Telecom MOD and wireless users different

Further analysis in the first half of 2009, can be found in: Chunghwa Telecom MOD wireless digital TV to attract the user, there is a significant difference in the overall outline, consumer behavior and financial planning attitudes; Nelson six living populations data interpretation is a taste of elite family (MOD users in 2008, according to Nielsen defined taste of elite family: middle class, well-educated intellectuals, with high spending capacity planning and focus on wealth management, pay attention to self- taste, positive personality, self-confidence, in addition to the importance of the family and the texture of the quality of life), this group of people than those of other ethnic groups for health involvement experience of consumer willingness technological orientation.


Wireless digital users, mostly ordinary general (2008, according to Nielsen defined: the extraordinary general family: importance of the family, mostly to workers, many economic sources in the home, not the pursuit of popular consumer vitality). Judging by the Olympic broadcast Indeed let Chunghwa Telecom MOD and wireless digital TV to a famous battle, but a closer look at the connotation, it is different.

The limited MOD choose deep plowing international sporting events

The Olympic broadcast impressive re-verify “Content is King” rules of the market, but with the Olympic broadcast ended, the MOD back to reality or to face the content is limited and can not attract the fundamental problem of the market, although the MOD has been through content MLB events suppliers ELTA Technology, broadcast high-definition, providing the United States players to race in Taiwan’s Wang Chien-ming and other content; Erda has also been signed with the U.S. The NBA, began to broadcast on the MOD quality competition, and viewing user events under review with video on demand (VOD) service. While providing subscribers before 6/30 sports 69 “of the user experience when viewing” 1 0 4 E LTA Sports “and” 55 CTS News Channel shifted TV (Restart TV) function, users can broadcast was the channel program fast / rewind, dropout, wonderful picture. In addition, MOD FTV also the end of July co-organized the maiden MOD happiness referendum, the first use of the remote control can interact directly with the popular drama series, the result of the referendum to become a screenwriter important reference, to participate in the user also provides the opportunity to draw.

Digital home and value-added services MOD mining divided into pincer

Chunghwa Telecom MOD under the shackles of the conditions in the public shares, quite difficult to take forward the IPTV service, in addition to the high penetration rate of more than 80% of domestic cable fairly mature, makes MOD made in the domestic market faced being blocked MOD platform cover Taiwan dispute broke out in May this year some radio station popular programs such as: Pharaoh Alumni Association defeated Queen … etc., due to the wireless station copyright issues covered by another program, triggering IPTV program copyright licensing disputes, competent authorities NCC showed that: “to amend the law of a management mechanism to ensure that the same channel playback of content on different platforms, or will require the channel up and down from the MOD frame, but also once again revealing the the MOD channel programs broadcast rights predicament, so in addition to the program content actively seek MOD to the development of digital home with value-added services, trying to broadcast the Olympic Games to attract a specific market by high quality.

August also provide the “Favorites”, “Videos query” revision “community bulletin board” function, which “community bulletin board” with community marketing projects, community residents can have their own electronic bulletin board, any the need to publish a message, just through the WEB interface input MOD into the community bulletin board on the browser you can at home, establish another channel of communication between the communities and households; said function 8 Flood in the south with the Red Cross Foundation applied to flooding The victims in shelters to provide the victims immediate search and rescue information services; the MOD platform also shopping with Eastern fastest in the third quarter, the slowest open cooperation prelude to the end, open up the television shopping, shopping on-demand (VOD) mechanism.