You do not understand social networking sites? You do not know who is looking at these sites? Cloud technology to create a virtual community space, unlimited anytime, anywhere enterprise from consumer surveys, the media, public relations and marketing, to promote the merchandise purchased, to promote a clean sweep!

Impact diverse Web2.0 startups services digital marketing?

For marketing people, mature community sites rely on cloud technology development is a very good day, because of past marketing people to rely on neutral third research firm, conducted artificial asked vouchers or Is the network asked vouchers investigation, to obtain data on consumer behavior, through information technology today, you can quickly and immediate understanding of your customers, but also to recommend suitable advertising with merchandise directly to consumers. Beautiful day is not far, but be aware that this led to public issues – privacy, and corporate and personal face this future world, how to stand with the exposure control in the Internet world?

Of course, now, in this wonderful world still construct the series the cloud tools of the world from your desktop computer / Notebook to small netbooks (EeePC), hot smartphone (iPhone / HTC / Nokia …) e-books, occupies the day-to-day network services for users time online webmail services (Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo! Mail, etc.), Community Social Media (Facebook, MySpaces, Linkedin, Friendster …), micro-blogs (Twitter , Plurk), search engines (Google Search, Microsoft Bin) … and so on; digital content from the text, pictures, sound, developed to some audio and video in the physical world can instantly upload to the digital world, so users can enjoy. Information on past network is relatively informal and credibility is not high, but now, with the Internet more attention to information after the path is made, whether corporate or government efforts in information digitized, so let Internet to search for information more meaningful with accurate, relative to the two S users consumer decision process: Search Search “and” Share Share

Impact diverse Web2.0 startups services digital marketing?

When the companies are familiar with ways to buy Internet media and Internet advertising, Internet media, the media agency, the network creative production team are still busy with the enterprise commentary internet marketing application way of these Web2.0 startups services (Facebook / Twitter / Plurk) suddenly rise, dumbfounded, do not know them as a part of the media, marketing tools or corporate PR, however, they quickly occupy the users eye speed allows enterprises with agent have to think about how to make good use of these emerging platforms? Marketing model of the past will always be called success stories to help convince senior audit budget, but now everyone was like standing on the edge of the precipice, forcing posture can feel the plunges, to obtain their own enterprises and operating the best experience of the products on this platform.

Decline of as Facebook, Plurk, Twitter Web2.0 startups service into the “necessities” stage, people started to worry Web2.0 startups service development to a certain extent, it will enter a period of stagnation, or the crowd subsided or when more attuned to the needs of new services, and directly to the “destruction of the innovative ways to replace out, but the obvious three services have entered the” necessities “stage, not only is the user stable growth, many companies with media has become driven helper.

For example, the selling point of the current smartphones on cheap retractable banner advertising are “ready link on Facebook to query a friend dynamic”, “ready to Plurk.” Politicians with celebrity Internet Plurk, or create a Facebook Fan Page will undoubtedly increase the innovative services attractive; prove these innovative services at the same time into the phenomenon of “daily necessities” stage, because the majority of enterprises, media output Internet content will be coupled with “sharing” to these new record-platform functionality, to want to increase the opportunity to again spread!

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As an inevitable part of the rise of MSN Messenger, Google became friends living period, these newly created platform will also begin to occupy a specific proportion of a users / consumers 24 hours a day, could not escape the “daily necessities” they appear to “Share Share” behavior is more convenient and obvious, leading to an increased frequency of the search Search “, but the other derived from a new” S “is” self-image management Self Display name history Reputation Management, “This is not just personal image of any brand or enterprise should take the initiative in the digital world to establish the same image with the physical world, and make good use of the characteristics of the network interactions, to build relationships with the further transformation of entities interact with consumers.

Marketing creative people, do not be afraid! Community website to help you

Facebook, Twitter, Plurk platform media, but also the public relations and marketing weapon, now began to learn how to take advantage of these newly created service. Similarly, should also consider whether or not the breaking internal marketing, Public Relations and Information Department of independently operating mode, but should be assembled party professional. Thinking about how to integrate the application of the digital world to provide these opportunities with the tools to set up a business in the digital world the image of exposure with a way to interact with consumers.