When digital TV bring our high quality and real-time soccer match broadcast, whether consumers can expect TV ads can take advantage of the digital and become more diverse? Digital media operators should first pulled into the digital family, maintain a basic clustering? Let’s talk about other novel features?

Recalling the history of television, the first wireless television was established in 1962, when the program is in black and white, into the world of color TV program in 1969, after TVB succeeded by adding FTV, PTV cable television broadcasting; 1998, nearly one analog program in Taiwan more than 80% of households watching cable TV, Chunghwa Telecom MOD began broadcasting in 2004, to provide high-quality programs and on-demand video, and in 2009 the number of cable TV digital system sets succession broadcasting, TV officially entered the high-definition, interactive digital first year.

“Digital TV” this revolution called third wave of TV history, in six or seven years ago, the market will have a optimistic assumptions: “If we can successfully promote digital television, the five existing wireless television in analog-to-digital the highest number of channels will reach twenty-five cable channels and can grow up to six times more, reach more than six hundred channels “; behind this assumption is optimistic conclusion is:” select the program in terms of the audience, the space is unlimited expansion of the attractive piece of the market pie, strongly contested; birth of color television, prompting the black-and-white television into history, digital TV was about to take off now, and the future holds digital television program production and TV development and manufacturing capabilities, will lead the industry by marketing the international market, create unlimited business opportunities. ”

TV + Internet audience dragged in.

Digital TV development can be divided into several stages: the first stage, most of the industry (system / telecommunications) mining agent of foreign high-definition programming strategy However, high-definition digital television the ultimate goal of, at best, in terms of high-definition just basic equipped with digital TV, the second phase should need to increase the digital video recorder, with services such as video on demand, electronic program guide, digital TV banking, TV shopping, the third stage should be to be toward the home video consumer experience forward, and now it seems, Chunghwa Telecom MOD has slightly embryonic operate / build the most comprehensive, interactive audio-visual goal is actively toward the second phase.

Perhaps in the near future, and so that the MOD development of the second phase of gradually mature, the concept of digital home audio and video, will challenge today’s existing consumption patterns, indirectly declared “a remote control, kept in the dark era of world affairs is not far from the truth, MOD I am afraid is not on this all the way to a bad day, MOD is also facing the problem of the loss of number of users, this issue, focusing on not to the operating rules of the “big is beautiful” in the past, the current market for MOD awareness has enough active existing users how to win over potential users, as a wave of Facebook in the near future to lead to leveraging the power of way, delicate and exquisite depth users daily routine of daily life, the MOD can work towards.


After all, the Chunghwa Telecom MOD five years laying the foundation to expand outwards, leaving aside NCC redraw the cable operators, whether due to acts of unfair competition Chunghwa Telecom MOD For correction, and then implement the telecommunications law in the name of big hand wave. However, the cable market competition race has just begun, For budding digital television began this year, is good or bad depends on how industry moves to let the market mechanism to identify.