Microblogging called contemporary marketing tool for wide tentacles spread fast. Not only eliminates the need for the large ad budget, irreplaceable characteristics. How easy to use, and how to effective it is compared with traditional promotional tools like retractable banner stand.

Engaged in the Microblogging marketing, the marketing people to deeply understand, this is a listening, dialogue and participation in the process. Is small diffusion, Speech Communication, and the quality of communication is more important than the amount of exposure. In the past few years, some marketing people to buy TV ads, to “buy” blog. But the effect of this approach has been gradually decreasing to a micro-grid, this effect will be even worse, even stricken backfire.

Enterprises and brand management Microblogging, only three simple principles: “Listening, dialogue, goodies. Grasp these three principles, whether large enterprises, small shops, or a non-profit organization in the micro-grid can be a cute, smiling heartthrob.

Microblogging tentacles wide listen more

To the task of operating micro-grid is not posted messages, but to listen and communicate. Many companies have a social media manager post, a day Shanggong, and the first thing is to get to the the Microblogging query companies, the English name, the domain name of the site, the product name, the name of the company responsible etc., the company the greater should be on this list and more. These queries can be bookmarked, daily queries without having to spend one minute.

Found positive views, thanks to occasionally go; if found true, but negative messages, but also would like to thank the description of the company at the same time will be dealt with seriously, after treatment, and remember to go back and notice.

Remember, “people do, users look!” If false negative information is found, a friendly and polite manner to provide the correct information, and to indicate identity Encountered significant negative event, please dispersed around negative forces to lure back the official camp, and handled as described below. If the encounter for the discussion of the company’s brand or product, please remember to listen more.

In addition, take the initiative to ask questions, and also a listening mode. In Microblogging, many users are very happy to answer questions.

Marketing rely on interactive multi-dialogue

Operating Microblogging second key is the dialogue on an equal footing. No matter how strong the brand, since the willing “came down from above, it would have to comply with the rules of the game. The proportion of participation in the dialogue, post a message 10 times or more; spend 5 minutes a day to post a message, it should spend 55 minutes listening to respond. If only the paste is not back, do not discuss soon as a robot. “Hey, some people would like to tell the robot to be friends?”

Although known as “micro-blog”, but in addition to the “micro” It blog greatly different from that is Microblogging usually the “join friend”, “Become a fan” or “tracking” approach to Subscribe. Few people through the “Browse regularly watch specific micro grid. Since subscriptions, so as long as consumers unhappy, instant unsubscribe, or ignore. Taiwan users for commercial Microblogging are fairly friendly. But in the foreseeable future, ask for the difficulty of “Friends” will be rising, be bored unsubscribe ratio must gradually increase.

Because of this, the operating Microblogging do not become “tracking mad. Beginning to operate on breath mad by hundreds of thousands of friends, the books look good, but it is completely impossible to assess which in the end how much is the brand real “fans”. Better to wait for a few months, through friendly dialogue and provide benefits, plus you let the real fans. Users found profitable, it will naturally take the initiative to join friends or fans.

Throwing bricks can lead the the jade fight View

Operating either Twitter or Plurk, the most successful practices is to “provide benefits. Which contains real benefits or information on the benefits, and the benefits of behavior. Favorite friends, valuable real benefits. The first benefits, for example, sent only through Microblogging coupons, coupon. Encrypted is sent only to specific friends to see (the so-called “dense puff”), so that the most popular, and also let users experience Add as friend each other really good. I remember, after doing so, but also through the open, so that the other has not joined friends know friends will not lose out. Usually able to send coupons, coupon industry (especially e-commerce industry), this is definitely a need to develop the field.

Another benefit is that the the exclusive “Goodies message. Especially no other platform to expose their own messages, or messages already operating through corporate blogs.

Although just a message, but for other people determined to run their own community, which is a certain kind of “substantial fees.” Allows them and then transmitted handed their friends Jiehuaxianfo the.

The filtered message “is also another goodies, this is an era of information explosion, information hair worth, the manually filtered information before precious! Whether from news websites, and other industry or industry message. As long as you actually read that it is recommended to the users and the corporate brand is no conflict, can be used as the View posted. Whatever industry must have the goodies of this information type, can be provided to users.

A third benefit is to provide a place. Micro-grid, especially popular in Taiwan Plurk (plurk), put it bluntly, is a huge cocktail party, Sharon or teahouse. As long as you can provide the topic, let other people have a chance to reveal a face, build a stage, you’re the owner of a popular. Your topic allows more people to participate as possible, whether to let everyone have a chance to think about or express their views and share their experiences, both good. Ride one stage to the other person, will naturally popular to master four o’clock pulsating ALWAYS take endless stage.

Marketing look fine assessment of the effectiveness

Assess the effectiveness of, has always been the most headache thing in social media manager. As long as the big brands to spend a little bit of time, the cumulative number of subscribers to the thousands of people there is no problem. Many enterprises in the United States, tens of thousands of Twitter followers. Microblogging number of followers is not the only assessment standards, after all, the whole community grow. The Microblogging message, your message is not necessarily everyone to see, not necessarily even see really see. To assess the degree of user involvement, Plurk, for example, pay attention to each puff can cover several floors? (Translated into the vernacular: “Each message, how many people participate in the discussion) the simple assessment standard is to discuss a number of fans and friends of the participation percentage of the total. For example, fans and friends for a total of 1,000 people, while each of you is a message there are on average 10 people participated, is 1% of the participation. Participation is often less than 1%, on behalf of the community management of quality is too low, the need to improve more than 5%, if often quite successful.

Secondly, to observe the effectiveness of information diffusion and click recommended Bit.ly (Dui URL). The redirect website redirect through this service will be able to track how many sites or blogs link, brought from micro-grid. Microblogging “test the water” in particular, want to take advantage of the retractable banner stand message, Bit.ly or similar redirect service that allows social media managers, no longer unable to assess performance and headache.

Taiwan enterprises which operate better Microblogging? According to the result of the inquiry on my Plurk, e-commerce Lotte, frenzied sell-off are good; the enterprise “Microsoft A house is also very good; small shops by the” admiral Guoguang as the representative; nonprofit organizations Austrian Bies et al. These examples are worthy also no end business, or if you want to further increase the community participation Social Media Manager Reference.

The operation of the micro-cell, or Plurk is the main lessons of this year’s social media manager. Just remember that “listening, dialogue, goodies” three principles must NCTU, open up new corporate and brand communication opportunities.

The Microblogging website, Twitter or Plurk has a search function, hard-working “social media manager”, please remember every morning, see if I could own how Internet users look to discuss.

Micro-blogging, nothing more than talk, make friends, as long as it is to imagine that these users is a real friend in real life, will be able to create many opportunities to interact.

Hope something useful to everyone, regardless of special events, exclusive message or spaces for discussion, and please remember at any time to provide great savings.

Micro-blog, a new era of marketing weapon

In recent years, the Internet social media (Social Media) is gradually increased, also slowly expanding influence. The scope of work of the so-called “social media manager” (Social Media Manager) is also growing. Forums, blogs, photo albums, Internet video has been to the community platform, and even in the latest micro grid, all must manage the business.