3 Japanese creative master professional guidance, 72 hours of brainstorming, take a look at the one hundred digital marketing people in a short period of time to bring out what exciting creative praise by the participants!

If the cash someday suddenly transformed into a real person to accompany you to chat with your best friend, you are also willing to use it to pay? If you wear the jersey of a sports brand, we can let you have accurate swing like Tiger Woods, you will not want to buy one?

These interesting ideas, a group of 11 digital marketing team at the Cannes Advertising Festival, the Asian Advertising Festival, with digital interactive marketing organizations and Yahoo! co-hosted a three-day reative Camp venue, after three days and nights of brainstorming by Inamoto zero from the United States, and Japan’s Ito Naoki (Figure left), elected by the three masters of Lang creative proposal.

In this creative competition, the number of San bit to “Thank u, Mr. Cash” Masters Gold Award; while “Nike Clothes” odd Wo interactive network gene “Nike VU” Silver and Bronze respectively. While each team is only a short 10 minutes presentation time, but San Francisco independent digital advertising agency AKQA creative long Inamoto zero pointed out that San digital creative, plus fun interactive mode, has a very high execution The biggest key to their win.

The new concept of cash anthropomorphic

“Pamper your money, allow Visa to do it!” San digital creative team, with the concept of Asian multi cash payments instead of credit card troubles. San digital creative officer Zhang and heart said, this “Thank u, Mr. Cash” marketing strategy, mainly is through the cash intended to people of the way, so that consumers feel the “money hard”, compassionate it and switch to credit card transactions , is an emotional appeal strategy.

The idea most interesting is that, in addition to Mr. Cash TV ads starring San digital entities activities also planning to find someone to play with a value of NT $ 100 Mr Cash, re-elected by a consumer to take it go shopping. Just like real money transactions ongoing, Mr. Cash also there is always the master, even with different encounters with the story.

Mr. Cash daily trading journey, including a chat with the owner, interactive process will faithfully record on platforms such as Facebook, blog, add authenticity. To the last wave of publicity, the daily transactions are too tired, Mr. Cash has finally decided to retired holding a Visa card, this time on the play on television: “It’s time to retire, thank u Mr. cash copywriter to echo advertising appeals to remind consumers of the rest with a credit card to pay you cash!

New creative product development

Unlike other teams, Qi Wo interactive entire creative team took only four minutes to do the “Nike Clothes” proposal, relying flagship product force strategy guru Silver Award.

The odd the Wo project manager Dai Ge Yau noted that, as long as the product strength is strong enough, the simple marketing propaganda, they themselves as R & D personnel, design new products to extend the concept of “Nike +” brand. Considerations to athletes in the self-training, there is no specific standard data can refer to only rely on the constant practice to sophisticated ability. Therefore, Qi Wo “motion capture technology” (Motion Capture) applications in the jersey on, emphasizing this dress in accordance with the joint, accurate records of each action under athletes compared with each score.

Download celebrity athletes Internet, such as Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, learning their movement angle with posture, and even upload their own data to the network to share with friends. Another innovative use is to break the movement of time and place restrictions do not like ballroom dancing and cheerleading gigs, wearing this dress, will be able to practice with the virtual platform.

Good and interesting new destination campaign

“I often hear people complain about to find too lazy to exercise, in this proposal is necessary to identify the fun! Shijun Yu, general manager of the network genes mentioned, this time they got The Bronze creative is going to highlight the Nike + commodity interest, combined with the concept of augmented reality, explicitly informed of the value of the consumer movement.

So clever network gene movement into real life, the idea of “Nike + Game, as long as consumers hold the phone to shooting facing the streetscape, which will produce interactive sports facilities available. For example, the captured photos of the trash basket looks like trash will turn on the phone, so that, even taking out the trash like sports will become as interesting.

Shijun Yu believes that the augmented reality features, is to blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual, and this technology has been very mature, and can immediately bring consumers a sense of profound experience, favored by the assessment.

“Picasso said, copying the work of others is just a matter of good artists only, the great artists steal the essence of others.” Retractable Banner Creative Business day to remind everyone, is not enough to just imitate the success stories, to do all the marrow of stolen real success. So, he finally said, Taiwan purpose is not to teach you how to advertise, or how to come up with a novel idea, but the correct way to view their own creativity, but also hope that all marketers are able through this The three days of creative thinking, learn more in the direction of thinking.