The effectiveness of banner advertising investment is the greatest concern of business owners, marketing practices are varied and diverse, which one can create the maximum benefit? How to do and with the quality of the strategic planning, long-term follow-up advertising effectiveness, and even predict the market?

Advertising industry has a saying: “I know my advertising costs wasted half, but do not know which half wasted.”

How to help customers track the effectiveness of retractable banner advertising investment, has been a media agents Gordian exercises, especially after the financial turmoil, the enterprise marketing budget crunch, the market competition is increasing, advertisers want to spend every penny to get the most good returns.

The media effectiveness evaluation difficult issue

How to use limited resources to achieve the best effect of media, marketing budgets are increasingly tight times, advertisers expect the media agents.

Many customers often ask “how effective media investment this year to invest in new TVC how many GRP effect?” “What’s the best media waiting way?” Played with an advertising material like retractable banner that  changed? ” media placement next year how planning optimization strategy? ”

To answer frequently asked questions, in addition to the type of media investment by experience in media planning staff to determine, through scientific evaluation methods and predictive models, better equipped to help business owners make objective and accurate media investment decisions.

The effectiveness of traditional media tracking methods “see the forest for the trees.”

Commonly used in advertising and media effects assessment methods, ad measuring, or monitoring data provided by Nielsen and other third-party research firm. However, these methods can only help answer part of the problem, the lack of a systematic study modules, completely solve the above problem. At the same time due to the restrictions on the study design or analysis tools, easy following the blind spot.

Not synchronize test advertising “quality” and “quantity”:

Usually measured survey market research company advertising, to help customers understand the advertising content is good or bad, but often because of a lack of information, techniques and tools of media analysis, and therefore can not answer the problem of optimization of the amount of advertising investment.

On the other hand, the general media agency owned strategy research resources, the majority can only help to assess the effect of different media investment reached, for example, the contact rate, reputation, but can not do a qualitative analysis and recommendations for the advertising content, such as advertising to promote the purchase degree of brand recognition.

2. Budget and timeliness restrictions:

Most of the advertising post-test, due to budget constraints, more than one-time survey, the results can only reflect the current situation, not long-term follow-up of the effectiveness of media investment. Therefore can not through the accumulation of data, optimization of media to establish a brand exclusive launch model, it is difficult to synchronize tracking branch TVC or competing products before and after the advertising effect.

3 can only review the past, can not predict the future:
The industry media effectiveness tracking only help advertisers retrospect. But the media performance tracking the maximum value, should be able to use past data to infer the future effectiveness of the investment, and help planning staff to develop the most appropriate media placement strategy.

Strength of media solutions ROI tracking analysis module

In order to solve the blind spot of traditional media effectiveness evaluation method, the strength of the media, especially the development of a ROI Tracking Analysis Module can help customers test the effectiveness of media investment and proposed optimal media investment advice. Features:

1. Synchronous tracking advertising “quality” and “quantity”, a complete assessment of advertising effectiveness:

The strength of the ROI Tracking analysis capabilities, in addition to be able to help answer customers optimize the amount of advertising investment, as well as the ability to track advertising performance and condition of the product sales. Also joined on the design of the questionnaire, in addition to advertising visibility, brand recognition, advertising promoting the share degrees, as well as product purchase asked items to see ads from the consumer to the actual purchase behavior of each link in the middle how to do the conversion, can be traced, to help customers understand how to help advertising investment product sales (a). In addition, the set analysis system capable of competing products ads also included in the scope of monitoring, so advertisers can be compared with other competing products, and to further assess advertising effectiveness.

2 improved following some ad for breakthrough timeliness and budget constraints:

The ROI tracking through improved research methods and processing, the strength of the survey methodology generally a one-time advertising posttest way different change to the regular weekly tracking. Computing technologies through professional data processing and weighted, even without a large number of samples and survey budget, but also be able to help customers track a year-long advertising effectiveness. ROI Modeller, through strength exclusive analysis software developed at the same time using time series analysis techniques, can be analyzed to compare pre-and post awareness and promote purchase of the performance of different creatives. Help customers track the long-term effectiveness of media investment and establish the best brand exclusive media delivery model (Figure 2).

3 more than the past, but also to help customers master the future:

ROI Tracking Analysis module strength, in addition to helping customers understand the investment performance of the past, but more importantly is able to take advantage of the long-term accumulation of information, the establishment of a model to predict the optimal media delivery method (c), and implement the actual media planning painted on. The system can be according to manufacturing customers different marketing objectives, for example, you wish to consider seasonal factors, exposure of the longest, or the different needs of the average annual maximum visibility to help identify the best media waiting.

A complete ROI strategy tools

In addition to the above ROI Tracking Analysis Module, the strength of the media, there is more strategy to help customers maximize the effectiveness of media investment tools. The ROI Blueprint is thinking standard ROI for the core strength of the work process (Figure 4). Understanding of the client’s industry, the brand and the consumer, whether in the front end, the continuation determining the most beneficial integration of communication strategies, as well as back-end to ensure that the media planning and purchase of the effectiveness of the implementation, the strength of the various policy tools, as well as corresponding professional and experienced researchers help customers use every penny on a knife-edge, best media return on people must be aware of the commodities in the discussion the region generated topic is one of the best strategies, but the word-of-mouth marketing can only do this in the virtual space? Entity how from the first to the machine? Experience the negative evaluation of how to turn the crisis into an opportunity?