Micro-Blog is rammed! The major brands eager to long ago, to want publicity through these new tools. Heineken The first time the main Plurk interact with friends, how effective?

“Do not give sugar, Trick or Treat!” Tells everyone he meets American children in Halloween. They were dressed in sorcerer or a pumpkin costume, around knocking on doors to candy delights. The group in the party playing the drag show, the incredible attractiveness as the supreme principle.

Although Taiwan does not have this custom, but European and American style known beer brand Heineken in the two weeks before Halloween, network solicit willing to join the dirty tricks operations “Ghost of members of the Corps”, prepared on Halloween day, calling for netizens together mischief to the occasion.

Moreover, Heineken in the business the Plurk community also useful set. “Micro-blogs the Business Marketing surgery ─ ─ Plurk can also play a big business opportunity! , “A book of Chen states mentioned, who would reply the article inside Plurk Plurk community business success factors account for a large. In his view, the brand ambassador response to the article, the effect will be much better than directly with the business name, closer to users.

In unison, screaming Halloween “on the site, there is a” Ghost regiment responsible for responding to the users in all of the above problems. Users, like, in the above “fat poof”, the head of this time will be issued immediately intimate exhort, if there is no will join Heineken as a friend, you can not see the private Poof task, of course, not pumping Awards Hello.

Milan behalf of the Heineken production activities website digital retractable banner marketing projects manager Chen Qiqi pointed out that, in fact, the annual Halloween Heineken will hold a grand party at the bar. However, the consideration to do activities only in the bar is really awful, so in addition to the bars and Western-style restaurant publicity, Heineken this year, especially in the network, the first to allow users to feel the atmosphere of Halloween, to expand the number of participants.

In fact, for the first time the Plurk alone play the leading role, immediately aroused the enthusiastic response of the users, Heineken very unexpected. In addition to the interesting topics, one of the reasons may be because this is mainly based interactive Plurk, greatly reducing the technological threshold, do not need to install additional video or microphone, and also to change the past, Plurk, Facebook, Twitter and other micro- Blog, almost all served as role of publicity auxiliary.

Chen Qiqi some high budget activities, on-line a month later Views red very high and may be only 10 a few people, but real people leave information to participate. But is not to spend too much money “in unison, screaming Halloween”, starting from the first day of October 13 line, the first task alone, there are more than 200 individuals participated in 80 several fans. Heineken Plurk original deserted, about explosion in the number, which means that as long as the correct marketing strategies, small budget can achieve much effect.

However, specializes in the operation of digital marketing century, Ogilvy Public Relations Director Zhang Yuchang think short term, this activity may have reached its original purpose of publicity and effectiveness; However, the direction of long-term business view, to establish a relationship with these fans is the use of Plurk key focus. In particular, has maintained the topic and depth of the community, will be the biggest test for the future of the brand.