With the fever of the home economy, the Internet open the modern more different patterns of dating and social interaction, Email, IM, blogs, web albums, video site redevelopment to dating community website. What this virtual space, the increasingly close relationship between the groups, what Internet business opportunities

In fact, making friends on the Internet has been one of the main activities in the consumer Internet, and is becoming more popular. (Figure 1), in the last month more common type of browsing websites dating site browsing rate of 8.8%, a significant growth of 27.5% compared to last year, the growth rate is also higher than the current popular from the EICP the survey data Community website (growth rate of 14.3%), retractable banners advertising on dating sites have become the type of site for a fever.

Social networking sites popular of all the dating sites operating Focus

In order to meet the social needs of the online world, dating community website developed diverse functional orientation. The recent rapid rise of Facebook, Plurk Plurk, is a comprehensive community Web site, consumers can be used to operate their existing contacts, friendship, and therefore consumption by men, women and children to maintain a good friend, an old friend or lost contact friends by the welcome.

Which can be found in Figure 2, Figure 3, the male to female ratio of users of Facebook and Plurk Plurk accounts for about half and half, ages from 17 years old to 49 years old have, and are fairly evenly distributed, but also because of the use of Plurk Plurk Simple, so there are more 39-49 years old users.

There is also a characteristics with marriage dating dating sites, including Yahoo! Canada Personals and i-Part love apartment, each attracted to different users. According to digital marketing book, when the development of comprehensive community site to mature, the next stage will be the emergence of audience fragmentation, the dating site that is designed for different ages, characteristics, demand will be the next a trend.

The most popular dating site, that site features massed users a differentiated segmentation. I-Part Love apartments, designed exclusively for women dating sites demands really attracted to the higher proportion of female users (see Figure 2: i-Part Love Apartments proportion of women 47%, Yahoo! Kimo Personals 38%), but also more by young people of all ages, more than 5 percent of 18-23 year-old users (Figure 3). Yahoo! Canada Personals by 24-28 and a higher proportion of 39-49 year-old.

Meet in the real world in the virtual world understanding,

What these two dating sites is how to attract the attention of the different ethnic groups? New stage in Web 2.0, the Internet, in addition to allows to upload, share information between people, is more important is to let the Internet become a way of life, not just confined to the virtual world, people can also interact with links to the real world. Thus, two of the largest dating site in addition to providing the basic functions, were also planning a variety of interactive features or opportunity, so users can recognize in the network, and then meet in the real (Table 1).

The main features of the i-Part love apartment living together as a network, and success through a variety of virtual game win over young users have added, users can micro-payment services by a variety of virtual furniture, gifts, etc., to build their own home space, take care of pets, or the Internet donated gifts to and interact with other users.

To Yahoo! Personals launched officially sponsored gathering of friends, loved by the marriageable age or middle-aged friends, launched the “1122 National Single Day activities for four consecutive years since 2004, so users can feel at ease to attend the meeting.

Dating sites young female groups effective communication

Focus dating site, as well as the diversification of forms of advertising, the more accurate for target groups, different marketing strategies. Observed from July to October data found the investment dating site advertising industry category rankings, mostly concentrated products appeal to young people or women, including online games, shopping, skin care products (Table II), dating The website is in contact with the young and female groups can not be ignored in the media pipeline.

In addition to the Retractable Banner ads, but also by the characteristics of the dating site, advertising activity implanted to communicate with users. With the popularity of dating sites, so that more and more business owners also follow this pattern, so users can experience the products or services provided by the brand in the the existing pages use environment, through game interaction mechanism.

Zenith Media in July of this year and love apartment cooperation, the implementation of “Love Dance Hyun Playhouse marketing case, that fancy the love apartment Member qualities to meet the target populations, and look through the website interactive mechanism interesting, narrow the gap with by the distance, and thus attract users to become members of the online game.