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    Established in 2000, the official website of the Lions travel, easy travel network, Canxing tourism tied into three Internet travel agency, but lies in different places and two other Lions travel by traditional large travel agency in transition, not a rise beginning from the network.

    Although the traditional travel agency started, Lion Travel has long recognized, travel agencies must move towards internet marketing this piece. Lion Travel at the Integrated Marketing Associate LIN Cheng Ye said the travel agency itself has no hotels, no planes, no restaurant, but sold in these things, these information together after the most appropriate media platform is the Internet.

    Now, with the industry’s marketing, is still stuck in the next print ads and flyers when the Lions travel from 2001 and 2002 on the suspension of the marketing budget of other media, magazines and teardrop banners up with the project activities gradually concentrated 99.99% on the network, to create a website 17 to 20 million visits a day. continue reading…

    College Entrance Examination reporting about to begin. Reporters visited last week found the market there are some auxiliary entrance voluntary reporting system software, test

    Students only need to enter the rankings, the college entrance examination scores and other information, the computer will automatically generate some of the information can be enrolled in school in order to help candidates to fill volunteer.  The flying feather Flags (also known as Teardrop Banners) have attracted the attention of many students and parents. Reporters learned that the market entrance of similar voluntary reporting system software “university card,” “admission pass”, “learning the letter card”, “voluntary pass,” etc., each priced at 80 to 200 per month.
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