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    Become a popular product in the current energy conservation and carbon reduction, global anti-warming trend, the bike, Merida is how to grasp the current situation, taking the big business it?

    Soar this year’s green transport – bicycle brand “Merida” how in the case of an economic downturn, and create new business opportunities.

    Era of high oil prices, “carbon reduction” shouting slogans crews are increasingly conservative consumer behavior, many companies are faced with the recession of the economy, with the exception of the bike not only with energy conservation and environmental protection, but also with the sports and leisure features, become a hot commodity in recent years. And bicycle production enterprises to open up the new business opportunities of with retractable banner stands promotion, Merida is one of them.

    For trends dug a healthy fashion new demand

    Merida this year is unstoppable, January to August, the cumulative revenue of 6.747 billion yuan, a growth of 15.71% compared to the same period last year. August revenue up to 1.278 billion yuan, not only set a single-month record high, compared with $10.53 billion in the same period last year growth of 21.33%, Merida has 30 years of history, in addition to a foundry outside, and also a set of retractable banner stand Brand strategy in this wave of carbon reduction wave to new heights. continue reading…

    Hot pot, on behalf of reunion, gives a warm feeling, often the first choice of friends and family dinner. Title, also set his sights on the the hot pot cohesion emotional function, production of the five sections of the advertising series and retractable banner stands, focuses on the importance of family values, so that the hot pot became the catalyst between family members.

    Modern life is often busy, but there are still 45.2% of consumers believe that it can make people feel enrichment activities, and their families and get along. Family activities, the most common is to have a dinner, especially eating hot pot, most led a lively atmosphere. Laurel Industrial Planning Department main Renhuang Chun-jen, the timing to enter the fall and winter seasons are suitable for eating hot pot, the The Laurel marketing hot pot spindle, on the forward link “hot pot” and “family” relationship, the hot pot became family dinner choice. In addition, through drama and retractable banner stands advertising, and consumers to communicate the importance of family values. continue reading…

    Yongqing housing integration of traditional retractable banner stand and Internet media, constantly broadcasting warmth ads, what kind of brand image for Yongqing?

    Boom bust, the real estate is still booming, prosperous period in the network marketing than any other industry, Real Estate Brokers real estate boom fueled join the Internet Marketing bold to come more. Yongqing housing statistics on the transaction households, 80% have to YC Realty Network Browse Kanwu.

    House is always to bring people the feeling of “Dreams”, like a car, “emotional economy” dominated era, selling just about anything not purely to sell merchandise, added value but also full of hopes and dreams, people in the consumer products, but also spiritual satisfaction. continue reading…

    Microblogging called contemporary marketing tool for wide tentacles spread fast. Not only eliminates the need for the large ad budget, irreplaceable characteristics. How easy to use, and how to effective it is compared with traditional promotional tools like retractable banner stand.

    Engaged in the Microblogging marketing, the marketing people to deeply understand, this is a listening, dialogue and participation in the process. Is small diffusion, Speech Communication, and the quality of communication is more important than the amount of exposure. In the past few years, some marketing people to buy TV ads, to “buy” blog. But the effect of this approach has been gradually decreasing to a micro-grid, this effect will be even worse, even stricken backfire.

    Enterprises and brand management Microblogging, only three simple principles: “Listening, dialogue, goodies. Grasp these three principles, whether large enterprises, small shops, or a non-profit organization in the micro-grid can be a cute, smiling heartthrob. continue reading…

    Internet marketing people must be aware of the commodities in the discussion the region generated topic is one of the best strategies, but the word-of-mouth marketing can only do this in the virtual space? Entity how from the first to the machine? Experience the negative evaluation of how to turn the crisis into an opportunity?

    To create word-of-mouth is one of the most important direction of marketing. According to Nielsen research found that Asia is the world’s most believe that the reputation of the region, and Taiwan in Asia ranked second. Up to 91% of Internet users in Taiwan believe most forms of advertising recommended by friends and relatives.

    Today’s operating practices of the word-of-mouth marketing has been quite diverse, with the scientific assessment of the way let word-of-mouth marketing effectiveness can accurately assess. How it could be integrated with retractable banner stands promotion to reinforce sales message.

    Word-of-mouth marketing how to play? Start with the entity Chong topic
    What is the reputation? Reputation is to give consumers the opportunity to discuss the brand and product. If we can win the consumers ‘positive assessment and generate the recommended behavior will help the products stand out in the decision-making process of consumers’ shopping. continue reading…